Bad Words

Rhetoric is a bad word. ┬áNot an ugly word, though, almost. It takes up more room than we would like it to. And it’s not easy to be around. It conjures vague images of bombastic oratory, inflammatory speech-making; throngs of people, stirred into a and almost catatonic state, moving en-masse to the will of the orator. But that image is more imaginary than real.

Quite frankly, rhetoric is what it seems to be. It is language designed to persuade, to motivate, to inspire. It has been often been used for nefarious purposes. It has been equally as useful as a tool for doing good. In the marketplaces of the world, with few exceptions, rhetoric is instructive. It’s role is to make a case for the brand, to communicate value. It either strikes a cord, or it doesn’t. It is only half of the dialogue.

Clearing through all the baggage, the negative connotations and the misinterpretations, rhetoric is simply a tool we humans use to create perception.

What we do here at The Brand Rhetoric Company is work hard to deliver a clear and appealing perception of our clients’ brands to our clients’ customers and business partners.