In Focus:

Light and airy and to the point.  The design of the site is wide open, and just pleasant to enter.  The messaging is succinct and direct, plain language saying almost everything that needs to be said in the headline. headline and first image
A headline that bids you read on.

I will tell you I first came to this website by accidentally touching one of their ads on my iPhone. Three minutes later I had just about all the information I needed and more importantly from the brand point-of-view, I wanted this mattress more than any other mattress I had researched (Having recently moved, I also happened to be hunting around for mattresses, though not aggressively.)

The designers of this site do not do anything really to distract from what every brand wants their website to do. Inspire in me a desire to interact with this brand and ultimately to by their product. The language is kept to a minimum.  There are key points about why the mattress is a great mattress and why it is so affordable.  I came away thinking –  wouldn’t it be nice if every website visit felt like this.

about the tuffandneedle mattress
Artwork compliments message

Of course that is impossible but in cases like this where a website has one job, this website just performs.  As much for what it is not as for what it is, this site gets my highest grades for brand rhetoric.