Word.Style Award Winner for 24 March, 2017 >>> John Deere / GSD&M

“Good taglines are hard to find”, wrote Lewis Lazare for Ad Age in 2007, referring to the iconic “Nothing runs like a Deere” slogan.

This bit of spin announces that John Deere brand products are the ones to beat. Brutally effective, without really saying anything.


Well, ten years later, John Deere has outdone itself, or I should say the minds at GSD&M have outdone themselves with their latest John Deere campaign and its incomparable tagline.  Says it all while poking a little fun at itself.  “It’s not how fast you mow, it is how well you mow fast.”  The brand rhetoric communicates quality first, which is the number one thing to get across in that market.

A good tagline is a must-have, especially now when the window to make an effective pitch is so tiny. That is why we here at The Brand Rhetoric Company are happy to announce that John Deere and GSD&M are the inaugural winners of our Word.Style Award for Outstanding Communication.

Congratulations to everyone involved with campaign!