Our Method of Content Development

It starts with dispensing with the pretended linguistic sophistication so often employed by writers that have a hard time communicating brand value in the everyday world of lived life.

Like that. Like that right there. That whole sentence was pretended sophistication (fancy-schmancy). We aim instead to speak directly to common sense in a way that doesn’t require the user to refer to a thesaurus of buzzwords, jargon and professional lingo. (FYI, we despise buzzwords: “proactive”, “game-changer”, etc. We think they are reflect laziness).

We are all now too familiar with the brand rhetorics of our connected world. One of these is marked by the pretended sophistication I am talking about.  It features words and phrases like this: transformation, sea-change, empowerment, empathy, DNA, innovation, leader in the marketplace, continuous, commitment, implementation, blah, blah… Truth is, it sounds like it was written by algorithm.

What we want to do is design the language that correctly reflects your brand’s personality while staying true to the spirit of your marketing strategy and campaign goals. More importantly we want to accomplish this inside the rapidly closing window that is the browser. Most importantly we want to communicate the essential humanity that underpins your brand.

Whatever you are trying to say, we are here to help.