USA Today Brand Fail

So I’m sneaking a bowl of ice cream now that everyone else is in bed, and like many people in America, I am watching The Football Night in America Brand television show, somewhat chagrined because my Eagles are in the NFC East with the Giants, who seem to be running away with the game. I am kind of impressed, though, with how well they are executing on the field because, as a football product they have been awful since the beginning of the season. I’m a football fan, perhaps a wee too much, so I follow whats going on around the league during the week when most games aren’t being played and I know the Giants have a bad brand week. Their loyal followers are upset. They wanted some drastic changes this past week. The heat was really on. One might even say, if they wanted to add some levity to the conversation, they had a tougher week than Harvy Weinstein. Oh wait, somebody already did. Al Michaels, calling the game, did. And you know what? It was funny. You know what else? It wasn’t insensitive, because, you know what – Harvy Weinstein had a bad week. And the whole Harvey Weinstein makes us all feel real creepy right now, and not in the Halloween spirit-brand creepy. And Al Michaels blew that creepiness away for a few moments and made those of us comfortable enough in our own skins to laugh.


I am writing because I am scrolling though my news feed before bed, what, like forty minutes later and I see this –Now, you can say – the environment made me do it, meaning to make a case from the unfortunate state of affairs from a new publisher’s point-of-view. I will take that into consideration when I say: You fail, USA Today Brand (and all other news outlets that “reported” this), not only for allowing this kind of thing come out of a (once proud) news outlet, but also for helping create an environment where this nom-news crap comes out, forcing consumers of news have the misfortune of being saturated by the kind of inflammatory non-news-worthy, click-chasing junk you serve up. Good Day To You, USA Today Brand! Good Day!