Operationalize℠ is a new service from The Brand Rhetoric Company designed specifically for businesses that need improvement with their internal communications and processes.


Put simply, your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name.

— Jerry McLaughlin, Forbes Contributor


Often, we think of the brand rhetoric only as what a business goes around saying about itself and its products in its marketing materials, but one of the greatest influencers on brand appeal is the perception of how well it runs. this is generally measured by employee satisfaction. This is why we ften see businesses advertising awards and recognitions for being the best place to work. How employees come to feel about their employer involves, of course, a number of factors, not the least of which is comfort.

It is unfortunate but true that generally speaking, a workforce is not comfortable with change. On the the other hand, with the frequent creation of new technologies, the saying “Adapt or Die” is a fairly apt phrase. Operational process improvements involve not only how internal staff interacts with each other, but also how it interfaces with new technologies. There are expected costs of software and sometimes hardware and training, and these casts will be of little use if the effort to communicate the benefits of this change on a personal level are not explained. Hearts need to be one. No technology will not be used properly if not accepted, if its merits are not made clear to the internal customers and the this will certainly create downstream bottlenecks and a forfeit of profit.

Operationalize℠ is essentially a three-tiered service:

On the second tier we will design and build whatever software needs building to assist in flow of information and materials so these processes are not retarded by out-of-date or wrong technology and are tracked so materials and interactions are discoverable at a later date so they can be used in status communication or postmortems (whatever, really).

On the second tier we will create messaging that will inspire acceptance and adoption. We will communicate the benefits of change and how they relate to individual personnel according to function.

On the third tier we will coach staff and assist in the documentation and training on how to best communicate what needs to be communicated – so that back-and-forth is reduced (as is frustration) and things get done faster and smoother.

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