Web Design

The rhetoric of brand, this thing we do, is not advertising. Not in the sense of what advertising has become. It is more business case rather than subconscious influencer. It has more substance than flash. We think it is an art form. How to create an effective, motivating message, a readable business case, on a medium or mediums that have helped create the short attention span epidemic?

While the digital platform has created a kind of ecosystem that makes it somewhat difficult for the consumer to concentrate, and develop a better understanding of the content provided, it remains (and will remain) the platform through which brand value is communicated. It is kind of ironic: The digital advertising employed by brands to improve recognition has created an environment in which it is difficult to communicate anything of substance.

The challenge, then, is clear. Better messaging – the content of webpages, must be designed better. It must be written better. It must be substantial while brief, and it needs to resonate. That is where we come in.

We develop content. Specifically, we design content for digital platforms that is meant to be just as effective on the mobile view-port as the computer screen. ┬áBecause of it’s size, language has to be honed down to the essential while still conveying the authentic voice of the brand. We think we do this well. Our customers think so too. We would like to do it for you.

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