The Goal

Nothing new here. Probably nothing in the history of history is as important as the advent of words. Fire is up there. The wheel too. And math. Math was huge. Still is. But we are sticking with words as the biggest of big things.



Let’s be honest.  Getting people to listen to you is hard.  Persuasion is just flat out required.  Rhetoric has come to be known as a dirty word, but without it your voice can be only another murmur in the din. In fact, there is no getting around using it. Everything is rhetoric. So…


Be who you are.  Be your authentic self, Brand. Let the style reflect your personality. Every brand has a personality.  This is what people connect with.  This is what builds relationships, what converts an audience into customers. It is, from our point of view, the most important component – how you say it.


Getting noticed is one thing. Getting listened to is a whole other thing, and we here at The Brand Rhetoric would argue it is the most important thing. This is your chance to create a living presence in someone’s mind.