Webpage Design and Other Stuff – Look What We Can Do!

The Internet is awash in web design firms. Everyone has an angle. the thing is all those angles are the same angles. The things that can be done in website design are things that can be done by just about anyone with the a computer, coding and design skills. There are even companies out there that can let you take the coder and even the designer out of the picture.

Most businesses that take their web presence seriously find themselves employing a contractor or a web firm soon enough to build in more interactive or complex features; the coder reenters the picture . Some will go further and think how can I use this thing as a tool for enabling revenue, or at least recognition; the designer reenters the picture.

Regardless of skill level, all web developers and designers are working out of the same bucket. The bucket grows as technology allows, of course, but everyone has access to the same tools and can produce the same type of product.

What differentiates these firms and contractors is quality. This is where the designer separates from the coder. What is needed, at the end of the day, is that something, that page, that ad, that widget, that tool; that something to be designed in a way that interfacing with it is less of a task and maybe even more of a delight, than it originally seemed it would be.

This is where we plant our banner. This is what we seek to achieve for all of our customers. This is why we chose this name. Let us explain: We think the most difficult part of the relationship, on any level, at any stage, between customer and business, is the words; the language, the actual text. The ability to communicate value can be seen in the drastic rise of internet display advertising in recent years.




The goal of these ads is to bring you back to the web page. Why? There is more to be said. There is more wanted of the user. Text is not eye candy. Just the look of anything appearing to be a paragraph makes the muscles go weak and the will to fail. Now is the time to make the page less daunting.

Who say marketing text can’t be fun? There is a reason why people read fiction in their downtime, correct? Part of that has to be the ease-of-use. Our goal is to make traversing the content on the webpage, this article notwithstanding of course, a comfortable and pleasant experience for the user.

Our main weapon is brevity, and then comes calrity, then comes humor.

We like to think we are easy people to be around, and we want to reflect in our language. We like to keep it light. It is more appealing than intense, data-heavy jargon.

So there you go. If you want to see what we can do for you, pick a page and ask for a consult. We’ll be happy to show you what we can do!